Office AnyWhere – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Office AnyWhere – Connect, Collaborate and Create wherever you are. Go beyond online meetings

Office AnyWhere for Zoom

Supercharge your Zoom Breakout Rooms

Office AnyWhere’s visual workspace levels up Zoom Breakout Rooms to create a more human experience.

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  • Visually Stunning Environment
  • Built in Facilitation-Tools
  • Create your own Dream Space

Game-like interface makes it fun and easy to use.

By recreating collaborative physical spaces, participants can see everyone and move between conversations naturally. Leverage built-in experiences to address common challenges.

  • Effortless
  • Full
  • Streamlined

Feel together
Breakout Rooms

See, hear, and work with colleagues in professionally designed spaces that facilitate full engagement in key PI activities: plenary briefings, breakout iteration planning, private negotiations, and socializing to build community. Recreate a sense of team place and identity.

  • Planned meetings
  • Spontaneous discussions
  • Social connections

All meeting resources are just a click away

Place relevant PI Planning tools in each room. Eliminate the hassle of searching for the right links in the right apps to find agendas, instructions, live documents, etc. Ensure team members have instant access to up-to-date assets to keep pace.

  • Jira
  • Miro
  • Google Docs

Versatile and dynamic breakout rooms

No more shuffling team members between plenary sessions and breakout rooms. People can see who is in each room and move themselves as needed. Work progresses more effectively with fluid communication and quick access to timely resources.

  • Plenary rooms
  • Breakout rooms
  • 1:1 & social spaces

The Office AnyWhere

  • 30% efficiency increase
  • 40% collaboration increase
  • 22% connection increase

* Team member perception of impact of Office AnyWhere measured by Mercer Employee Research and Engagement Group.

Office AnyWhere brings the best of in-person and virtual experiences to distributed PI Planning teams

When a physical space no longer serves as the hub for PI Planning, Office AnyWhere virtual collaboration spaces emulate the feel and flow of working together. Feel part of a community with shared purpose and the resources to thrive.


Elevate Energy


Amp Up Teamwork


Maximize Effectiveness

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